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Quality Linen Services for Iowa's Hospitals

Since 2006, Genesis has been a trusted provider of quality linen services tailored to each hospital's unique needs. 

Tailored Linen Services for Central Iowa Hospitals

At Genesis, we recognize the diverse and specialized requirements of healthcare linen services. We are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that are precisely tailored to address the distinct needs of each hospital or healthcare facility. Our adaptable approach is designed to seamlessly align with your specific timelines, processes, and delivery specifications, effectively optimizing your operations without introducing any unnecessary impediments or complexities.


A True Partnership

We have the dedication, flexibility and experience to accommodate peak demand on short notice.


Medical-Grade Standards

Using hospital, CDC and Joint Commission protocols, we offer best-in-class linen laundering and reliable infection control.


Reliable Service

With redundancy in equipment and transportation, we provide continuous, dependable service. Guaranteed.


Cost-Effective Value

We strive for competitive pricing in to provide the best overall value to the Senior Living industry. 


To provide best-in-class linen services to hospitals while offering meaningful opportunities for people with physical and mental disabilities.


Why Hospitals Outsource to Genesis 

When it comes to hospital linen and laundry services, Genesis Linen stands out as the premier choice for healthcare facilities. Their commitment to premium service ensures the thorough removal of stains and pathogens, maintaining a hygienic environment essential for patient care. The linens are not only impeccably clean but also exude comfort, contributing to a positive experience for patients and staff. In terms of cost-effectiveness, Genesis Linen's approach simplifies operations by reducing labor requirements, eliminating the need for machine investment and maintenance, and lowering utility charges. These measures not only lead to substantial cost savings but also extend the lifespan of linens, providing long-term value for hospitals. By partnering with Genesis Linen, healthcare facilities can prioritize patient well-being while optimizing operational efficiency and cost management.



Discover the experience of making the switch to linen outsourcing with Genesis.

Want to Learn More?

We accommodate customers big and small across a variety of industries, and can help optimize your linen inventory and requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business be the best it can be.

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